The M-22 Challenge : bike – run – paddle : Are you up to the Challenge?
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M-22 About Us

About M-22

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WHY M-22?
Anyone who has ever driven along the historic, scenic M-22 highway understands that it is a genuine masterpiece of artwork produced by the Earth’s sculptor. Locals who live near or along the road do so because they need to; they are so in love with the area they could not possibly conceive of living elsewhere. Seasonal vacationers from around the country spend their time back home dreaming of the area and counting the days until they can return to this corner of heaven on earth. First-timers to the area usually stare wide-eyed and awed as they crest a hill and gaze out over the great vista of Lake Michigan’s beautiful freshwater expanse.

The M-22 Challenge is a multi-sport event that showcases the area, native beauty, and amazing natural resources found here. It is natural and connected to the earth; healthy and positive. The event is composed to be fun, but will also have a competitive side. As with M-22 the brand, the M-22 Challenge will strive to become the most prestigious event in the area.

Local kiteboarding icons Matt and Keegan Myers (also known as “The Broneah Brothers”) fell in love with M-22, literally while traveling along M-22 countless times in pursuit of wind, waves, and perfect beaches for their beloved sport of kiteboarding. The M-22 image sparked something in the brothers that reminded them of natural beauty, good times, and positive energy! Loving the fact that something so simple can mean so much to many different people each in a different way.

In 2003, T-shirts and stickers were made with the M-22 road sign as a logo for local kiteboarders and surfers to wear. In August 2006, Keegan wore an M-22 T-shirt on the cover of Traverse Magazine when the brothers were featured for Broneah Kiteboarding. After the magazine was distributed, the phone rang off the hook for weeks. Quick to take things to the next level, the brothers went into production and worked with several Leelanau retailers. The retailers sold M-22 hoodies, T-shirts, and stickers. The product line has continued to expand as new apparel and accessories continue to be added. In November 2007, just in time for the holiday season, an M-22 company store opened in downtown Traverse City, and the distribution of M-22 wine and coffee has taken off. Keeping the brand focused on quality products, service, supporting local businesses and eco friendly opportunities will continue to help grow the brand.

Visit the official M-22 company website at

Giving Back

Giving back to the Community
M22 takes a holistic approach in business operations – we understand the importance of supporting other local businesses, minimizing our waste as much as possible, and giving back to organizations dedicated to preserving our areas most valuable asset – the environment.

From our first day in business M22, along with The M22 Challenge, has donated a percentage of all sales to the Leelanau Conservancy. This means that for every product sold and for every event registration made, a portion of the proceeds is given away – not based on profit but on gross sales. So even if our company made no profit in a year we are still committed to our donation. We arranged our charitable contribution this way to express the companies devotion to preserving our natural environment – not just some off-the-cusp marketing scheme but a true initiative.

Green Initiatives
M22 promotes a healthy lifestyle focused on simplicity and the appreciation for the natural environment. This approach has naturally directed our business in growing as green as possible. M22 believes in:

+ Reduce, reuse, and recycle always – from the store to the office to the home.
+ Buying as many “American Made” or Local products as possible.
+ Embellishing all products locally.
+ Utilizing electronic documents over printed documents.

+ Creating a “Zero Waste”, Green Certified event – the M22 Challenge. The M-22 Challenge is a Zero-Waste event, meaning that we scrutinize every aspect of this event’s planning and operation to make sure that waste is not only minimized, but any wastes generated are able to be collected and processed via recycling/composting at local facilities. Thank You Bay Area Recycling!